Joris Goossens (co-founder) is a true pioneer in Brownfield Development. In 1992, he started with the acquisition, restructuring and development of UCO Roygem and ACEC Dok Noord; two major Brownfield Projects in Ghent, Belgium.

In 1999 he established PSR Brownfield Developers, one of the first Brownfield Developers in Belgium.

In 2007 Joris founded a Luxembourg Sicar to finance Brownfield Projects all over Europe. As a result PSR acquired almost 20 Brownfield Projects. Some of these Brownfield Projects are still being finalized today. For 11 of those Brownfield Projects in the Flemish Region, a Brownfield covenant was closed with the Flemish Government; their very first.


Joris Goossens separated from PSR in May 2011.

Based on his 20 years of expertise in realising complex Brownfield Projects he created a new company, Horizen bvba. Horizen stands for a core team of experts who manage the complete Brownfield Development Process in an integrated project approach, bringing Brownfield Development to the next level.